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Live More, Bank Less

Client: DBS Bank 

We start with a simple truth: You bank to live, not live to bank. You’re the spark that drives us to create products and services so simple, fast and smart, they fit into your life effortlessly. To make things happen, while leaving you with time and space to do what matters most: Live more. Bank less.


The microsite's primary goal is to convey the message "Live more. Bank less." by showcasing how simple, fast, and smart your banking products and services are, seamlessly fitting into users' lives.


Using cinematic GIFs of lifestyle, travel and dining to create emotional connection with the customers. They are visually engaging and can capture attention on social media platforms.

Agency: Tribal Worldwide Singapore      Creative Directors: Francis Ooi, Chris Lim      Art Directors: Ivan Yeh, Muk Kexin

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