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Covid Daz(e)


The COVID-19 pandemic took us by surprise. What started as a working holiday in New Zealand soon turned into a Level 4 lockdown. 

Restaurants, shops, and our ultimate essential – an Asian supermarket – were shut. As the world closed its doors and turned within, so did we.


So we retreated into our humble abode, suspended from our jobs as cake factory workers, and started illustrating the little joys in our daily lives.

From whipping up our own meals from scratch like a true MasterChef to watching raindrops fall down our window, we thought, hey – this turned out to be a nice surprise after all!

As time went on, our observations and illustrations of daily life grew, while the COVID-19 situation in New Zealand lessened.


With the alert back down to Level 1, businesses, communities and individuals (like us) begin emerging from our homes — ready for our next adventure. 


What’s next?


Only time will tell. Till our next story — outdoors or in, stay safe, everyone!

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