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Challenging Conventions

Client: GXS Bank

Why is there no finish line for this rat race?

Why be part of the herd when you can be heard?

Why jump through hoops when you can jump for joy?

It’s time. The future of banking is here. And it’s looking bright, bold, boundless. Say hello to GXS. They're a new digital bank, here to challenge conventions and drive a better way to bank.


We spark conversations on different conventions within the community and whether they still ring true today, such as the idea of what makes a family or the way success is defined.

GXS x Illustrators

GXS collaborated with three local artists – Kristal Melson, Angela Chong and Kenn Lam – to create a diverse collection of captivating visual interpretations, effectively capturing the essence of each unconventional question in a compelling way.

These three visuals served as the key visuals for the launch.

Agency: Distilleri     Creative Group Heads: Ferooze Tabrani, Derras Chong     Senior Art Director: Muk Kexin     Production: Atypical

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