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Lunar New Year Greetings 

Client: Manpower Group Global

Digital transformation is moving more quickly than we imagine. ManpowerGroup Global has diverted its strategy by reaching out to their audience through Social Media. Lunar New Year is coming up. We believe it will be a good opportunity for the brand to engage and build a connection with its audience.

WhatsApp/Telegram stickers and a 3D model Pineapple Tart Instagram Filter were designed so users can connect through this festive period.

3D Instagram Filter

Creating a pineapple 3D Instagram filter for Chinese New Year can be a delightful and culturally significant.

In Chinese culture, the pineapple symbolizes good fortune and wealth. The Chinese word for pineapple sounds like "prosperity comes" (旺来, pronounced "wàng lái"). 

This led to imaginative and surprising placements and interactions in users' photos and videos.


Below are some examples.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 6.38.40 PM.png
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